Play Mozart to tackle poor behaviour, teachers urged


Artykuł pochodzi z pisma "Guardian"

Teachers should play Mozart in the classroom to help calm unruly children and improve their work, according to a new book published today.
The soothing sounds of symphonies and string concertos and have been deployed as weapons in the fight against crime at train stations and other public spaces in recent years.
Today a new book from academics at the University of Derby suggests that the approach may also work with badly behaved three to seven-year-olds in primary schools.
In particular, playing Mozart during maths lessons has been shown to improve pupils' work, say authors Simon Brownhill, Fiona Shelton, and Clare Gratton.
Their book, 101 Essential Lists for Managing Behaviour in the Early Years, says: "Music can be a very powerful tool in the fight against poor behaviour."
Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture could "liven up" dozing pupils, while a quieter piece would calm them down.
The authors also recommended tying particular music to a particular activity, such as the Mission Impossible theme tune to "tidy up time".
The book advises: "Play quiet music when the children are working to manage noise levels.
"Play dance music to relieve restless children on the carpet - 'Get up and move!'
"Play music by Mozart whilst the children are working; it has been proven that his music helps children to learn, particularly during mathematics."
Favourite pop songs could be played as a reward for good behaviour, they suggested.
The book also suggested giving pupils red and yellow cards - as referees in football - to badly behaved children.
And old toilet rolls make very good "behaviour binoculars", as Mr Brownhill explained: "The results are amazing as children sit up and behave as you tell them you are going to use the binoculars to scan the room for good behaviour."

approach- podejście
deploy- rozmieszczać, rozstawiać
doze- drzemać, zapadać w drzemkę
prove- udowodnić, dowieść
referee- sędzia sportowy
relieve- przynosić ulgę
restless- niespokojny
scan- lustrować, szukać wzrokiem
soothing- kojący
tackle- stawiać czoła (problemowi), rozwiązywać (problem)
unruly- niesforny, niezdyscyplinowany


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