Panic Room


On the other end of the phone, a husky male voice answers;
clearly he’s been awakened.

VOICE. Hello?

MEG. Listen to me! There are three . . .


With a roar of anger, Burnham rips the entire phone panel off the wall with his bare hands.


With an abrupt shriek, the line goes dead. Meg pauses, can’t believe it.

MEG. Hello? Don’t . . . are . . .

She looks up, sees Sarah looking at her, her eyebrows arch. Meg keeps her cool, but it takes a hell of an effort. Sarah reads her face. She turns away. Meg hangs up the phone. Sarah goes to a corner of the room, faces away from her. Meg doesn’t know what to say.

MEG. He’ll do something.

SARAH. Uh uh.

MEG. He’ll know we’re in trouble. He heard me, I said “There are three . . .”

SARAH. He won’t even know who it was.

MEG. What would you think, in the middle of the night? I mean, three what,
three bears? He’ll call the police.

SARAH. Stop it.

MEG. He’s just across the park, this is why we got places so close to each other,
in case we needed each other, we’re still a family, he’ll help us . . .

SARAH. He . . .


She practically shouted. Sarah dropped her head into her arms.

MEG. I’m sorry.

SARAH. I’m sorry.

MEG. Why?

SARAH. I was trying not to tell you . . .

MEG. What?

SARAH. I’m dizzy and thirsty.

Meg blanches. This is very bad news.


Tired, Burnham drags himself back up the stairs and into the doorway of the master bedroom. Raoul and Junior stand there, staring at him. Long pause.

JUNIOR. She’s never coming out.


JUNIOR. And we’re never getting in.

BURNHAM. Do me a favor and don’t talk.

JUNIOR. Jesus, what was I thinking?


Meg has torn open one of the water packets and is trying to get Sarah to drink, but the little girl has gone completely pale and seems to have lost some of the strength in her neck, she’s having trouble holding her head up. Most of the water runs down her chin.

MEG. Come on, come on . . . stay with me . . . you gotta drink . . .

She takes Sarah’s hand, checks her wristwatch thing. The readout
is now 82. She swallows. She grabs Sarah by the face.

MEG. Okay, listen, honey, you went double digit here, you must have been
shooting out adrenaline like crazy, we gotta bring your blood sugar back
up, okay? Can you hear me?

SARAH. I’m dizzy, not deaf.

MEG. Hey, she’s still a smart ass, excellent sign. Did you see any
sugar in here? Any candy bars, anything sweet?

SARAH. Huh uh.

MEG. Okay, you just gotta calm yourself down, that’s all, just stay calm and
your adrenaline will go back to normal and you’ll be fine.

SARAH. What if I keep dropping?

MEG. Not an option.

SARAH. What if I do?


In the bedroom, Junior has had enough.

JUNIOR. We’re leaving.

RAOUL. The hell we are.

BURNHAM. Hey man, after all we went through I am not walking out when we’re this close.

JUNIOR. Close? Are you insane? We’re nowhere near close! F… this, I’ll
make an anonymous phone call on Monday, they’ll find the floor safe,
and I’ll inherit the shit. Little piece of it, anyway, it’s better
than nothing.

BURNHAM. What about us?

Junior thinks, then pulls out his wallet. He thrusts a fistful of bills at them.

JUNIOR. Here. For your time.

They both just stare at him.

JUNIOR. Five hundred bucks here.

Neither one of them moves to take it. Junior shrugs, drops it on the floor.

JUNIOR. Suit yourself.

RAOUL. Nobody leaves.

JUNIOR. Observe.

He heads for the door, expecting Raoul to block him, but as he draws close
Raoul just steps out of the way. Junior passes through and heads for the stairs.

BURNHAM. We’re not leaving. I’m getting in that room, and I’m opening that

JUNIOR. Lookin’ doubtful there, Big Guy, but ten out of ten for attitude.

And he disappears, down the stairs, Burnham still pleading with him.


Meg rifles the foodstuffs that are stored in the room.
Sarah, in the corner, is starting to tremble.

SARAH. What if I spazz out?

MEG. No biggie, we’ve been through it a dozen times, I just jab you with the Glucogen.

Pause. She keeps looking.

SARAH. Where is the Glucogen?

MEG. Oh, you know, it’s uh . . . it’s in the little fridge in your room.

SARAH. I’m sorry, Mom.

MEG. Hey, quit apologizing, you’re starting to sound like Grandma.
You’re not gonna have an attack. Okay?

SARAH. Okay.

She lays back, oddly passive, her lips changing color. She stares at the monitors.

abrupt shriek – /sudden/ nagły wrzask
after all we went through – po tym wszystkim, co przeszliśmy
to blanch – zblednąć
I feel dizzy – kręci mi się w głowie
do me a favor/ favour – wyświadcz mi przysługę
[he] drags himself – wlecze się
[she] faces away from her – odwraca się od niej
to grab – /to snatch, to seize/ chwycić
[she] hangs up the phone – odwiesza słuchawkę
[she] has gone completely pale – całkowicie zbladła
he thrusts a fistful of bills at them – rzuca/ ciska w nich garścią banknotów
to head for . . . – kierować się w stronę . . .
her eyebrows arch – unosi brwi
husky voice – chropowaty głos
in case we needed each other – na wypadek gdybyśmy się potrzebowali
to inherit – odziedziczyć
insane – szalony
it takes a hell of an effort – wymaga to nie lada wysiłku
to jab – dźgnąć
no biggieAm. E. spoken said when something is not important
oddly – dziwnie
to plead with sb for sth – prosić kogoś o coś
quit apologizing – przestań przepraszać
readout – odczyt
to rifle – opróżnić; rifle through - grzebać w czymś
to rip off – zerwać, wyrwać
roar – ryk
to shoot out – wystrzelić
[he] shrugs – wzrusza ramionami
smart ass – mądrala
to stare at – gapić się
[he] steps out of the way – usuwa się z drogi
stored – przechowywany
suit yourself – rób, jak uważasz
to swallow – połknąć
to tear open – rozerwać
the line goes dead – przerwało połączenie
the water runs down her chin – woda spływa jej po brodzie
to tremble – drżeć
with his bare hands – gołymi rękami
wristwatch – zegarek na rękę


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